I’m a wife and mom of four boys – and it’s the best job I’ve ever had. (And I’ve had a lot of cool jobs.)

Let’s talk straight, mom to mom. Being a parent is a fantastic job. Watching those little extensions of my heart grow into real life big people is full of wonderful, memorable moments.  And then there are the other times I’d like to forget… those times when parenting is a little like stubbing your toe and pretending it doesn’t hurt. Can you relate? I’ve been parenting for 20 years, with only 12 years to go. (That thought makes me hyperventilate a bit.) Every one of those 20 years has been an experiment. What works with one kid, is a disaster with another. And just when I think I’ve got it figured out, well…I don’t. The game changes fast and the rules are never the same.

The Mom Experiment is about parenting the best way we can, by following Jesus and trusting Him to fill in the gaps.  I believe most moms are the same. We feel scattered, tired, and a little desperate at times. That desperation keeps me at the feet of Jesus, petitioning Him to move in the hearts of my children. He gently whispers to me, “Keep going.”  It’s a call to each of us. Keep going, mom. We have to. The stakes are high and our responsibility is great. And friends, we can do this. I believe with Jesus, we can do it well.

  These are my favorite people. I experiment on them.


You can also find me writing and speaking for Arise Ministries — a national non profit ministry for single moms. I was a single mother for several years. God was merciful to me and used my experiences to encourage other women raising children alone.

Arise Ministries offers resources to empower single mothers to create healthy homes. Check us out.